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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Asarum canadenseAsarum canadense var. acuminatum
Asarum canadense reflexum
Asarum reflexum
Asarum canadense var. reflexum
Wild ginger
Canada wild ginger
Aristolochiaceae Forb Native
Aristolochia serpentariaEndodeca serpentariaBirthwort
Virginia snakeroot
Virginia dutchman's pipe
Aristolochiaceae Forb Native
Aristolochia serpentaria var. hastataAristolochia serpentaria hastata
Aristolochia hastata
Endodeca serpentaria
Aristolochia nashii
Virgina snakeroot
Narrow-leaved snakeroot
Aristolochiaceae Forb Native
Aristolochia tomentosaDutchman's pipe
Aristolochiaceae Liana Native

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