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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Arabis missouriensisArabis viridis
Arabis missouriensis var. deamii
Boechera missouriensis
Arabis laevigata var. heterophylla
Green rock cress Brassicaceae
Arabis canadensisBoechera canadensisSicklepod Brassicaceae Forb Native
Arabis drummondiiBoechera strictaDrummond's rock cress Brassicaceae Forb Native
Arabis glabraTurritis glabraTower mustard Brassicaceae Forb Native
Arabis hirsutaArabis hirsuta glabrata
Arabis pycnocarpa
Arabis hirsuta var. glabrata
Arabis hirsuta pycnocarpa
Arabis hirsuta var. pycnocarpa
Arabis hirsuta adpressipilis
Hairy eared rockcress
Hairy rock cress
Rock cress
Brassicaceae Forb Native
Arabis laevigataArabis lyrifolia
Arabis heterophylla
Boechera laevigata
Turritis laevigata
Smooth rock cress Brassicaceae Forb Native
Arabis shortiiArabis perstellata var. phalacrocarpa
Boechera dentata
Arabis shortii phalacrocarpa
Toothed cress
Iodanthus dentatus
Short's rock cress
Rock cress
Sisymbrium dentatum
Brassicaceae Forb Native

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