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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Atriplex littoralisAtriplex patula var. littoralisGrassleaf orache
Seaside orach
Atriplex argenteaSilverscale saltbush
Tumbling saltbush
Silver orach
Silverscale saltweed
Amaranthaceae Forb North America
Atriplex glabriusculaScotland orache
Smooth orach
Amaranthaceae Forb North America
Atriplex hortensisOrache
Garden orach
Amaranthaceae Forb Asia
Atriplex patulaHalberd-leaf orache
Spear saltbush
Spear saltweed
Common orach
Fat-hen saltbush
Amaranthaceae Forb Native
Atriplex roseaTumbling saltbush
Red orache
Redscale saltweed
Redscale saltbush
Tumbling orach
Amaranthaceae Forb Europe

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