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Scientific Name Synonyms Common Names Family Lifeform Origin Photo
Persicaria punctataPolygonum punctatumRed top Polygonaceae Forb Native
Persicaria sagittatumTracaulon sagittatum
Polygonum sagittatum
Arrowleaf tearthumb Polygonaceae Forb Native
Persicaria setaceaPolygonum hydropiperoides var. setaceum
Polygonum setaceum interjectum
Polygonum setaceum var. interjectum
Smartweed Polygonaceae Forb Native
Persicaria virginianumTovara virginiana
Polygonum virginianum
Antenoron virginianum
Woodland knotweed
Virginia knotweed
Polygonaceae Forb Native
Persicaria bungeana Polygonaceae
Persicaria glabraPersicaria densiflora Polygonaceae
Persicaria amphibiaPolygonum hartwrightii
Polygonum amphibium
Persicaria coccinea
Persicaria amphibium
Polygonum coccineum
Devil's shoestring Polygonaceae Forb Native
Persicaria careyiPolygonum careyiCarey's smartweed Polygonaceae Forb Native
Persicaria longisetumPolygonum cespitosum longisetum
Polygonum cespitosum var. longisetum
Persicaria cespitosa
Polygonum caespitosum
Creeping smartweed Polygonaceae Forb Asia
Persicaria hydropiperPolygonum hydropiperWaterpepper Polygonaceae Forb Europe
Persicaria hydropiperoidesPolygonum hydropiperoides var. opelousanum
Polygonum hydropiperoides
Persicaria opelousana
Polygonum opelousanum
Water pepper
Wild water pepper
Polygonaceae Forb Native
Persicaria lapathifoliaPolygonum lapathifolium
Persicaria scabra
Polygonum scabrum
Pale smartweed
Hedge cornbind
Polygonaceae Forb
Persicaria bicornisPolygonum bicorne
Polygonum longistylum
Smartweed Polygonaceae Forb Native
Persicaria orientalisPolygonum orientalePrince's feather Polygonaceae Forb Asia
Persicaria pensylvanicaPolygonum pensylvanicum durum
Polygonum pensylvanicum
Polygonum pensylvanicum laevigatum
Persicaria pensylvanica var. laevigata
Persicaria pensylvanica var. pensylvanica
Common smartweed
Polygonaceae Forb Native
Persicaria maculosaPersicaria vulgaris
Polygonum persicaria
Spotted lady's thumb Polygonaceae Forb Europe

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